Nokia E71

Successor of the Nokia E61i, the E71 has the same form-factor with landscape display and full QWERTY below. It now uses stainless steel, has narrower and slimmer body with redesigned keypad, features 3.2-megapixel camera and dual-band 3G.

Whats in the box:

– Nokia E71
– Mini Charger
– 2GB microsd
– USB Cable
– Leather Case
– PC Sync Software
– Manual

– Top Side includes a red power button.
– Left side includes an IR port, MICRO SD slot, and MICRO USB port.
– Right side includes 2.5 mm stereo jack, and volume toggle buttons.
– Bottom side includes eyelets for a strap and charging port.
– Back side includes a Camera with flash, mirror, and large metal battery door.
– Front face, 2.3 inch display, Full QWERTY, + Chrome Dpad surrounded by s60 shortcut keys.

Nokia E71 Review (Guest Review)

Nokia E71 Review (Guest Review)

Nokia E71 Review (Guest Review)

Nokia E71 Review (Guest Review)


– The designers from Nokia HQ deserve the highest honors for creating such an awe inspiring device. The E71 feels like a luxurious instrument when held in hand due to a plethora of elements that coalesce to create a sensational experience. Of the more striking elements is the stainless steel back plate with matching front bezel.

Nokia E71 Review (Guest Review)

The Steel is etched with a dimpled pattern not only for aesthetic purposes but also for practical use as the pattern provides for an enhanced grip. The e71 also packs in a best in class full QWERTY keyboard. The hardened keys provide the perfect amount of tactile feedback accentuated by a soft click on press. Composing texts and emails is a breeze with this device. Just above the keyboard is an eye catching 2.3 inch display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The screen is bright and crisp although not optimal for web browsing. All of the elements described above are condensed into a 10 millimeter package making for a very alluring and streamlined design.

Nokia E71 Review (Guest Review)


– The E71 runs SYMBIAN S60 3rd edition (feature pack 1). The UI is quick and dependable. There is absolutely no lag when browsing through menus and more importantly no slow down in operation even with multiple applications running at the same time. For example I can browse the web via wifi and listen to music simultaneously with no hiccups or crashes. Unfortunately the UI is an eye sore. The preloaded themes come with some childish looking icons which cheapen the look of the E71. Of course you can always download a new theme and this is the brilliance of S60 – it is fully customizable.


– The E71 comes equipped with a high capacity battery that can only be described as best in class. 1500 mah of power gave me 7 days of stand by time with minimal use. Heavy usage, which includes a sum total two hours of internet browsing via wifi, 15- 20 text messages, 2.5 hours of music, and 20 minutes of radio/ per day, gave me 3 days of usage before I needed my next charge. Excellent!!!

– This messenger of Steel should Grab honors as best device for 2008.
+ Build quality 5/5
+ Design 5/5
+ Battery 5/5
+ QWERTY 5/5
+ Audio quality 4/5

+ CAMERA 2/5
+ ICONS 3/5


Thanks to Rehan Asi


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